Drawing sandals is one of the most important ones in shoe design.
In past articles, you knew about introductions in shoe design and drawing shoes from three-quarter, top view and side one.In next tutorials, I explain learning all type of shoe design . In former article, you learned drawing work or hiking boots, also high boots.
Now  learn how to draw sandals step by step:

Tips in drawing sandals:

When drawing any kind of sandal, it is usually necessary to draw the straps as though a foot were in the shoe.
Make sure the straps are symmetrical from side to side as they connect with the sole.

طراحی صندل نجمه هاشمی


This image by me represents an illustration style that could be used in any magazine or editorial article.
It was drawn by hand using a markers and color pencils.

Initial sketch with correct proportions

Begin with an under drawing with the straps drawn in their formed position.
Notice the foot shape, which helps to form the straps.
Note the perspective lines that help keep the straps in perspective from side to side.
Keep your viewpoint consistent and keep the curve of the straps similar to your view.
Use a center front line to keep the three-quarter perspective correct.

correcting sandal design

 Place your preliminary drawing under the finish paper of choice.
To achieve an expressive yet slick line drawing, use a black pen or marker.
The clean black line will also make the drawing easy to understand.

correct design

 Draw highlight lines on another copy of the original shoe and scan.
Color-by-color grab each individual shape and correct them.
After adding the middle tones and highlights.
Add bright white highlight spots .

I hope this tutorial was useful for you.
In this article, you learned using Photoshop for coloring your shoe design.
If you can’t use this software, draw it on color pencil or markers.
Please don’t forget practice, because just practicing fortify your skills
For having more info and training in shoe design and illustration, please see educational videos.
In this section, you can buy essential lessons for footwear design as an educational videos :
-Basics of visual Arts in Shoe Design
-Color Basics in Shoe Design
-Creativity in Shoe Design
Please share your comments with me.

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