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shoes and shoe designers

In this section, you will know the world of shoe designers, their biographies and works. I begin with introducing the most famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin to connect the audience with the world’s top brands.
You will also discover shoe museums around the world.



In this part, you will be given specialized training in shoe design, which includes two sections: design and illustration. These tutorials have been tried to be step by step with explanations and pictures.

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My Designs

For more information in this section, you can see some of my designs. in this way you can get ideas for your sketches and improve your skills by following the tutorials

shoe museum

Shoe Museum

In this section you will read about shoe museums all over the world like Bata and musee de la chaussre. you can also see some the images of some artworks there.

basics of visual arts in shoe design

Product introduction

In order to do specialized work to empower shoe design lovers, a number of basic and specialized courses in this field will prepare in the form of educational videos for dear friends, which are offered through this site. These courses include the basics of visual arts in shoe design, the basics of color and creativity in shoe design, which will include in the educational products section for you dear ones. .

Shoe design traning

In this section, you can take the first step to learn shoe design. There are some useful articles; you will be shown how to design shoes from different views step by step, along with explanation and images. You can also learn how to design a variety of shoes from pump to sandal.
Then you can learn shoe illustration to perform your designs using a variety of materials from leather to net, pearls and sequins.
Also, helping educational videos, basics of visual arts and color basics , become professional.

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basics of visual arts iv shoe design

you can take the first step to learn shoe design.

I write a book in Persian that called: “Basics of Visual Arts in Shoe Design ”.
This topic is a basic subject that is taught before other courses all over the world and in every field of art.
In this book we learn the principles of conscious seeing,
involves “visual literacy,” which, like verbal literacy, has its own alphabet.
All arts that seek to make visual connections benefit in some way from these elements.
In this book, I try to teach the basics of visual arts along with its adaptation, explanation and application in shoe design.
Therefore, in each chapter you are fully acquainted with one of the visual elements,
Then I will review various and successful examples of using these elements in the designs of the world’s top brands.If you are interested to learn it, I make its English version on video you can buy its educational video in English from the educational products section of this site.

Meet the best shoe designers in the world

In this site, you can get to know the best shoe designers in the world and learn about their works that are unveiled in each season. Following the current trends of the world and analyzing their works will help you to find ideas and Inspiration.

christian louboutin

Shoe designer enthusiasts

In the My Designs section, you can see a small section of my sketches that have been shown to the public.