My Story

My Shoe Design Story

طراح کفش

All dear friends and audience, Hi. I am Najmeh Hashemi
I have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, but always I have loved art.
So I changed my major and studied art research in master’s degree.
On following my interest, I became the first student with a grade point average of 19.24.
Also, I published two scientific research articles and several articles with different in journals.

I taught at university for four years, but still it was not what I was looking for.
So after much research, I found my interest in designing shoes and accessories such as scarves.
Because I love the design, the color, and the pattern, and I wanted to combine all into one functional object.
Due to lack of educational resource , I started studying and researching in this field myself.

Six years ago when I introduced myself as a shoe designer, the producer called my designs just painting!
One of the factory managers advised me to learn modeling, if I want to work in this field in Iran.
He advised me to take part in a modeling class .
So I left for Tehran that night (I live in Isfahan) and barely passed the intensive 12-day course of advanced modeling.
I was completely familiar with modeling, but I must admit that I loved design, not modeling.
After that, I decided to work on my own design again.
So now I worked as a shoe designer that always I wanted to be.

I have studied and researched in this field for six years and now I have provided the result of my effort on this website to you shoe design lovers.
I think shoe design in Iran needs creativity and novelty for being word wide more and more

My main goal is to provide educational articles, books and videos to improve the quality of design and open the view of manufacturers in this field.
So in this way I want to help who love shoe design .
Over the years, I managed to collect useful material and combine it with my knowledge in this field.
All information provided on this site is the result of my research.
I plan to teach topics such as the basics of color, creativity in art, and the basics of visual arts, which were among the courses I taught at university.
Adapt to shoe design and present as an educational video for you.

Finally, I finish my story with a poetry:
Life is our unique artistic scene
Everyone sang their song and left the stage
The scene is constantly moving
pleasant is the song that people remember

You can see also my resume.
Please see my Instagram : nhashemi.shoe.designer