In previous articles , you learned INTRODUCTIONS in shoe design THREE-QUARTER VIEW ، SIDE VIEW and TOP VIEW  .
From now on, there is a training to design different types of shoes.
Now I represent work or hiking boots

The tighter rendering style of these Dr. Martens boots was achieved using 4B and 6B graphite pencils with art marker behind for the local color.

طراحی کفش نجمه هاشمی

Work Boot by Najmeh Hashemi

Tips in drawing work or hiking boots

When drawing any thick-soled boots such as work, hiking, or platform boots, it is necessary to draw them with the toe spring visible.
The looser rendered examples below show how to achieve the proper perspective in a three-quarter view.
This style of drawing is appropriate for editorial illustration or can add interest in trend forecasting media.

Initial sketch

 Begin with a preliminary sketch or under drawing of the boot.
Watch for the soft, upward turn of the front toe spring.
Also watch the perspective of the boot lacing. Work out the crossing over that occurs in lacing and also the symmetrical quality of the eyelets.
Keep the sole divots equal in size and correct in number to maintain the right design proportion

Correcting initial sketch

 Place your preliminary drawing under your piece of finish paper.
 Do not be overly concerned with accuracy.
Some flaws in the drawing will add to the artistic nature this style demands.
By getting a wide variety of line quality—everything from wet and bold to dry and scratchy—you will end up with a more interesting art piece.

Lay in shadows

 Finish the drawing with concentrated markers, which gives you a bright and completely transparent color finish with no sediment from pigments.
Turn the paper as you work and use an excessive amount of water to create the dripping effect.
Start with lighter colors first and then add darker tones for the shadows,
even mixing the paint right on the paper, one by one.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you.
Please don’t forget practice, because just practicing fortify your skills
For having more info and training in shoe design and illustration, please see educational videos.
Please share your comments with me.

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