In previous articles, you knew ten best shoe designer all over world, In this article, you will read about Rupert Sanderson, the famous shoe designer.

Rupert Sanderson shoe designer
Rupert Sanderson

Rupert Sanderson’s childhood and education

Rupert’s father was a British army officer, and because of this, the family left a nomadic life behind.
Rupert graduated from Royal Holloway and Bedford College, University of London.
Then he worked in the advertising industry after completing a course in shoe making at Cordwiner College (an internationally recognized institution).

Rupert Sanderson shoe design sample
Rupert Sanderson shoe design

Work in the shoe industry

When the summer holidays arrived, Rupert rode his motorcycle to visit Italian manufacturers, tanneries and shoe factories.
He became acquainted with the artisans and tried his best to learn as much as possible about the business.
He later worked in Bruno Magli and the famous shoe designer Sergio Rossi.
Collaboration with the families and founders of these companies opened various doors for Rupert to interact with the shoe-making community in Italy.

Rupert Sanderson shoe designs
Rupert Sanderson shoe designs

Rupert Sanderson shoe designer

It was in 2001 that Rupert produced his first collection of shoes.
After five years to strengthen his design principles, Sanderson bought a shoe factory around the Bologna.
Each shoe made by Rupert Sanderson has a lot of attention to detail.
In fact, each piece is a reflection of the proud craft of the time.
His design philosophy is “less is more” – thus achieving perfection in the balance, line and symmetry of the shoe to increase and smooth the foot instead of adding too much embellishment.
Rupert focuses on shape, length and fit, as he intends to produce a good, comfortable shoe.
Every pair of shoes is carefully made in his industrial unit near Ravana in Tredozio.
Rupert’s inspiration comes from materials, designs and heel curves and is lasting.

Rupert Sanderson shoe designer

Rupert Sanderson brand

Earn awards and honors

Due to his exceptional sense of design, the shoe designer has been awarded prizes such as the Accessory Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council, as well as the 2008 and 2009 El Style Awards.
In addition, he has achieved some prestigious collaboration.
Rupert is known for designing shoes for actors, 200 actors in a play directed by David McVicar at the Aida Royal Opera House.
Rupert used the Fashion Fringe of Colin McDowell to launch the Fashion Fringe shoe collection.
In addition, he designed shoes for “The Hour We Knew Nothing About Each Other,” a play by Peter Hand held at the National Theater.
In addition, he collaborated with Lewis Golden and twice with Karl Lagerfeld.

shoe design of Rupert Sanderson

shoe design of Rupert Sanderson
Sanderson Family Life

Rupert Sanderson is a family man with three sons and a significant business.
According to Rupert, the manifestation of happiness for him is the ability to live life unconditionally, doing what one likes without feeling too busy.
According to Rupert, he is very lucky to balance his time between work and who his loved ones.
Just like her taste in design, Rupert’s house has the typical Victoria of London aesthetic but has a modern feel to it.
He always changes the look of his house to make it more comfortable and lovely.

His most memorable childhood was when he grew up in Penang.
He was a wild, loving and fun kid who wandered in the woods to explore and play restlessly in the hills.
At the age of nine, he could not read or write, but he was brave enough to catch locusts with his bare hands.


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