Educational Videos

Educational Videos in Shoe Design

Due to lack of specialized resources in the field of shoe design ,
I decided to provide credible resources in this field with the help of my experience in teaching and studying art research.
Thus, I intend to produce the lessons of ” The Basics of Visual Arts , The basics of Color and Creativity in Shoe Design “
in the form of educational videos in English and offer them to you dear ones through this website.

Features of this Educational Videos

In preparing specializing training files, I tried to adapt and prepare the important and basic courses required for shoe design,
which are among the educational topics in all prestigious universities in the world, exactly with the needs of this field.
In all these courses, the best reputable brands in the world, for example, have been used.
In this way, by following the lessons, you will not only learn the materials,
but also you will gradually become acquainted with all these brands,
designers and the characteristics of their work, and you will master them.

Also, by purchasing these products, you will be able to exchange ideas and correct your work.