In past articles, you knew about introductions in shoe design and drawing shoes from three-quarter, top view and side one.
From now on, there is a training to design different types of shoes.
Now let’s drawing high boot:

طراحی چکمه با مداد نجمه هاشمی

drawing high boot by Najmeh Hashemi

Important points in drawing high boot

When drawing high boots such as riding or knee-highs, there are a couple of perspective rules that should be followed.
The following rendering examples explain how to achieve the proper perspective. This is a tighter rendering style using 4B and 6B graphite pencils.

Initial drawing high boot

Begin with a preliminary sketch or under drawing.
Curved edges, like the top opening, will increase in arch as they move away from eye level
If you draw the bottom of the boot looking straight on, you should also draw the top looking straight on, to ensure you do not get an extreme curve at the top.
Bring the natural toe spring flat to the floor.
 Lay in shadow patterns at this point.

Lay in shadow patterns

 Using a 4B graphite pencil, draw in a more defined and solid outline
Start to lay in your shadow patterns with a 6B or softer graphite pencil, observing how the leather bends and relaxes as it forms the boot.
Use your finger to smooth out some of the hatch lines.

Adding details and highlights

 To finish the drawing, increase the value contrast and rub out most of the texture using a blending tortillon or drawing stump.
Note that no marker tone was applied behind the drawing, so the natural white of the paper becomes the highlights for the finish.
Darken the shadows and erase some of the highlights.
Add a 40% cool gray Xylene marker behind the rendering to add more contrast.Add some highlights with a white colored pencil and add details using a fine hair brush with Pro White paint.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you.
Please do not forget to practice, because only practicing what will improve your skills.
To prepare videos, you can refer to the main page and the educational videos section of the main menu, or click on the link of the same word.
Please share your comments with me.

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