In previous articles, you got acquainted with the common mistakes in shoe design and shoe design from a three-quarter view.
Now let’s learn how to draw heels from the side view:

Important tips in designing heels from side view

When drawing a side view of a hard-soled shoe, keep the bottom front toe flat to the floor.
Do not draw the natural up curve that most shoes have.
This will show the shoe the way we think shoes look on our feet.
The only exceptions to this rule are athletic shoes, thick- soled boots, or platform shoes;
these will look awkward if they do not have a slight up curve to the toes.
This is a tighter style that could be used for retail or a presentation venue.

نمای کنار در طراحی کفش نجمه هاشمی

side view in shoe design by Najmeh Hashemi

Initial drawing heels from side view

 Begin by sketching the shoe silhouette on tracing paper,
ensuring you bring the front toe down flat to the floor.
Adjust for the natural curvature of the shoe by drawing the toe from a straight-on side view, then turn the shoe slightly to see the straight-on view of the heel.
Draw these two design elements without distortion.
Make sure your inside heel is at a right angle to the sole. 
Softly curve the back of the heel comfortably over the heel of the foot.

Correct initial drawing

 After refining the under drawing on another piece of tracing paper, place it under a piece of marker paper and draw your outline with a darker-colored pencil than your finished marker.
If you have difficulty controlling the smoothness of your line, use a French curve for your edges.
Make sure you do not draw the inside upper of the shoe.
(It is not possible to show the inside of a fl at-soled shoe because it will appear warped.)

coloring shadows on heels

Fill in your shadows following the natural flow of the foot using a darker-colored pencil than the local color of the leather.
By drawing a dark core shadow and leaving a lighter reflective light pattern down the side of the shoe, you will add form and separate the upper from the sole .

Adding details and highlights

Finish the illustration over and detail the necessary textures or patterns.
Again, the large white highlights were left out was highlighted with a white colored pencil and accentuated with Pro White paint.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you.
Now please practice how to draw heels from side view.
Practice by memorizing and reviewing the points made, and become more proficient in what is said by practicing more.

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