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Shoe Glossary

This shoe glossary will help you become familiar with some of the basic terms used in constructing and designing footwear.
Some terms describe parts common to every shoe—such as the sole, upper, and heel—whereas other terms are specific to a particular type or style of shoe.
Not all of the terms are illustrated on the example shoes.

اصطلاحات فنی کفش

Shoe Glossary

ARCH: The curved, narrow, midsection of the shoe that the arch of the foot curves over.
BREAST: The forward-facing top of the heel found under the arch of the foot.
COLLAR OR TOGGLE:A piece or stitched area surrounding the foot opening or top-line— similar to a shirt collar surrounding the neck hole. Usually found on lace-up shoes.

COUNTER: A piece of stiff material or leather positioned on the back of the upper around the collar. It can either be a hidden piece inside between the upper and the lining or an overlapping piece of leather on the outside, usually in a contrasting color.
It is meant to add strength and help maintain shoe shape.
EYELETS: The holes that are punched through the facings, upper, or vamp for threading laces through.
FACING(S): A layer of material (usually two) covering the front top vamp, having laces or some kind of closures to bring them together across the top of the foot.

FEATHER EDGE: The place where the upper’s edge and the sole meet.
FOXING: An outside panel covering the back of the heel and wrapping around onto the quarter.
HEEL:The heel is found at the rear of the shoe and is the part of the sole raising the back of the shoe in relation to the front.
Heels come in various heights and are usually named after their shape or the person who made them fashionable.
They can be made out of various materials including wood, cork, synthetics, and stacked leather.
HEEL LIFT: The finishing piece on a spiked heel that comes into contact with the ground
INSOLE: The layer of material between the sole and the wearer’s foot. It adds comfort as well as hiding the construction seams of the upper and sole.
LACES: Made of string, rope, leather, or synthetics, laces are used to fasten a shoe to the foot of the wearer.
LINING: Most shoes have a lining that covers the inside of the vamp and quarter. Linings improve comfort, can add warmth, and extend the life of the footwear.
PUFF: A lightweight reinforcement in the upper that gives the shoe its shape and support.
Similar to an inside toe cap.

QUARTER: The rear part of the upper that covers the heel forward to the vamp.
It is actually an area of the shoe and can be part of a continuous piece of material that includes the vamp.
SEAT: This is the concave area of the heel that sits into the rear of the sole.
SHANK: A hidden piece of support material inserted between the sole and the insole to give strength to the shoe as well as support to the wearer.
SOLE: The bottom piece of the shoe that sits below the wearer’s foot and comes into contact with the ground.
THROAT: The front top of the vamp above the toe cap.
TIP: The very end of the toe.

اصطلاحات فنی کفش پاشنه دار

Shoe Glossary

TOE: The area at the forward front upper of the shoe.
Toes come in various forms and are a major factor in style differences.
TOE CAP: A covering stitched over the toe for decorative effect or to strengthen the toe. It can also be used for protection as in steel-toe boots for dangerous work areas.
TONGUE: The leather insert or extension of the vamp that covers the top of the wearer’s foot and adds comfort for lacing
as well as protection from weather conditions.
TOP PIECE: The part of the heel that comes into contact with the ground.
It is called the “top” piece because shoes are made upside down, making the bottom of the heel actually the top.
TOP LINE: The top edge of the upper that may have a border or edging technique.
UPPER: The entire part of the shoe that covers the foot.
The upper consists of two main parts: the vamp and the quarter
VAMP: The front section of the upper, which covers the front of the foot. The vamp extends back to the joint of the big toe.
WAIST: The part of the shoe or last that relates to the instep and arch of the foot.
WELT: The strip of material that joins the upper to the sole of the shoe.

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