Drawing three quarter view in shoe design

In this article, you learn how to draw a high heel step by step on from a three quarter view..
If you have a few ideas in mind, by watching educational videos, you can increase the level of your information and improve your skills by using them.

اشبالت در طراحی کفش

Three-quarter view in

Initial sketch

Begin with a loose sketch of shoe design on tracing paper.
If you have the shoe, place it in front of you.
Set the shoe to have a slight downward step, allowing you to see the toe top, heel, and toe sides.
You may be able to see a bit of the inside sole, or the inside of the upper if more heel definition outside is necessary

correcting initial drawing

Place your initial sketch under another piece of tracing paper and refine the drawing.
The inside heel angle is parallel to the inside back of the shoe .
The cross-section perspective should follow the same line .
The center of the heel lines up with the center of the back so the heel appears to sit a bit higher than the sole
The outside of the heel runs along the same line as the outside of the shoe 
Check the center line of the toe and the front toe perspective. The heel hugs the back of the foot

Tip: Be careful not to draw the heel too long at an angle to the back, as the heel may look broken.
Tip: Draw with a colored pencil that is slightly darker than your pencil.

Coloring shoe

Place your under-drawing under a sheet of translucent marker paper.
Begin to draw the outline of the shoe with a colored pencil.
Use a different color pencil for every different color on the shoe (sole, upper, heel) and follow your perspective lines.

drawing shadow patterns

Now begin to draw the shadow patterns.
Light the shoe with your desk light if possible.
All shoes have a similar shadow pattern, as they all have to wrap around a foot.
you do not need to fill in the whole shoe with color.

If you have the actual shoe, you should draw from that.
If you are a designer, you may want to find a shoe that fits the basic silhouette of your shoe idea and begin by sketching that.
In fact, you may want to develop a file of shoe silhouettes to use as your design templates.

Creating rich shadows

Use a blender pencil to develop a richer color or to smooth out the texture of the colored pencil.This will darken your pencil work and will also smooth out the gradation areas from shadow to lights.
There is only a minimum amount of color used on the inside of the shoe because the outside of the shoe is where you want people’s attention.
If the inside is over-rendered, it can distort the silhouette of the shoe and make it appear wider.


Now you are ready to add highlights and reflective lights.
Notice the orange color (reflective light) added on the back of the heel for interest.
The highlights were made with a white colored pencil and give a soft glowing highlight that is appropriate for the leather finish of this particular shoe.

Add the highlight

Finish your shoe by adding some specific (or hot) highlights with some Pro White paint or white gouache.
This is also a good time to add any top-stitching or pattern because your shadow drawing is now partially sealed into the paper by the marker soaking through the paper and gripping it.
You can also use your white paint medium to clean up any edge bleeding from the markers or straighten up any perspective angles that have been skewed.

In this article, we tried to show the step by step training a three quarter view in shoe design.
You can make your training more professional by learning the basics of visual arts in shoe design.
You can also learn how to perform different materials for various and beautiful designs, such as making different types of leather and ….
Please share your comments and suggestions with me to improve the content as much as possible.

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