Najmeh Hashemi

Master of Art Research, Kashan University, Faculty of Art and Architecture, obtaining the first rank with a grade point average of 19.24, 2012.


shoe design

Computer Skills: Adobe Photoshop , Corel Draw ,Adobe Illustrator
Shoe design and illustrate in the form of : hand sketches (with pencil, marker, watercolor, pastel and acrylic techniques and perfoming various materials and decorations)
Familiar with the process of modeling shoes
Holds a degree from the Italian Academy of Modapelle
Certificate of attendance 2 week women shoe construction workshop from ModaPelle Academy (Milan)-November 2014
Owner of , the first specialized website for shoe design in Iran
Making tutorial courses in shoe design

Lack of Persian resources in Iran, I made these six courses:

  1. Basics of Visual Arts in Shoe Design
  2. Color Basics in Shoe Design
  3. Creativity and Principles of Ideas in Shoe Design
  4. Drawing shoe
  5. Shoe Illustration
  6. Shoe Design with Adobe Illustrator



Painting with techniques: oil painting, colored pencil, crayon and chalk and acrylic. Holding a solo painting exhibition, entitled “From Sky to Earth”, Art Gallery Cafe, Isfahan, Iran, July 2018.
Group exhibition, entitled “Wandering in Art 2”, Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran, February 2019.
Group exhibition, entitled “Free”, Mandana Gallery, Isfahan, Iran, June ‘2019.
Group exhibition, NegahNo Gallery, Isfahan, Iran, July 2019.


Language documents

Fluency in French, with a degree in Delf b2
Fluency in English, MCHE degree
Italian at level a1
Ability to translate general and specialized English and French texts

Work Experiences

Freelance Shoe Designer: design 5 projects and one shoe collections for Megsorrie .(July 2019 – April 2020)
Lecturer Course Taught: Art History, West Painting History, East Painting History, Basics of Visual Arts, Recognition of the traditional motives, Islamic Arts, Creativity in Art, Basics of Perspective, Esfahan Art and Culture Applied Science University No1. January 2012- June 2014.
Lecturer Course Taught: Anatomy Drawing, Color Techniques in clothing Design , Color Basics. Esfahan Art and Science University. September 2012- June 2014.
Lecturer Course Taught: Artwork Analysis , Creativity in Art, Esfahan Atigh Applied Science University. September 2013- June 2014.



“Prominent Women in Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party” (2011) , published in Women in Culture & Art (The center for Women’s Studies university of Tehran, ISSN 1735-1693), 2, 2, 97-114.
” A Comparative Study on Two Works by Antony Gormley, with a Background on Chinese Sculpture”(2010) published in Honar-ha-ye-Ziba (Journal of Fine Arts University of Tehran-ISSN 2228-6039), 43, 81-93.
“The Sun Motif in Ancient Iranian Pottery”(2010), published in Book of month Art (Specialined Informative & Culture Monthly Book Review), 147, 100-109.
“Introduction of Sarhang-Abad Complex “, (2013), Memar Magazine (Iranian Bimonthly on Architecture & Urben Design), 80, 99-103.
“Following a Tradition (Looking at Susumu Ikegami statues), (2010), published in Tandis (Visual Arts BIWeekly), 145, 29.
” Steel Microorganisms (Looking ar Marta Walker statues), (2011), published in Tandis (Visual Arts BIWeekly), 171, 29.
‘Memorial of Maya Lin” , (2011), published in Tandis (Visual Arts BIWeekly), 172, 28.
” Social Attitudes in Multimedia Installations (Looking at Sussanne Lacy works) “, (2011), published in Tandis (Visual Arts BIWeekly), 177, 22.
” African Heritage in Imna Arroyo’s Sculptures “, (2011), published in Tandis (Visual Arts BIWeekly), 189, 18.
The Return of Soul (Jane Ferrer’s Layout for the Palestinian people)” , (2011), published in Tandis (Visual Arts BIWeekly), 200, 18.


Writing Book

Basics of Visual Arts in Shoe Design ، Varesh Publicatin ، Tehran، 2021.


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