In footwear design category, you can read many step by step tutorials
Now I want to explain draw heels easily from various views :

طراحی کفش ساده با مداد

draw heels easily

Tips in draw heels easily :

The ability to draw footwear from various angles is not only important for shoe illustration but also to ensure that the figure looks stable and able to move.
When drawing the feet in perspective, it is important to watch for the foreshortening that will always occur with body movement.
Here are some common views together with some guidelines to check your drawings for solid movement from any view.

BACK VIEW in drawing heels

طراحی کفش از نمای پشت

BACK VIEW in shoe design

When drawing shoes from the rear position, watch for the foreshortening that takes place with these two main perspective points:
from ground level toward the front of the shoe there is an upward angle that shows the thickness of the foot/shoe .
With a turned foot there is also a slight upward angle as the foot moves away from you.
Take note that the heel is slightly lower then the instep line.


When drawing a straight-on foot, notice that the inside ankle (tibia bone—F) is higher than the outside (fibula).
The narrowest part of the ankle is right above the ankle bones.
When drawing the shoe, look for the width , the height , and the depth of the instep .
It is not necessary to draw all the toes in detail—remember, you want people looking at the shoes, not the feet.
Also notice the soft curve of the top arch on the forward lifted foot. Keep your arch high in placement, not centered on the foot .


نمای سه رخ پشت


In the three-quarter back view, watch for the upward perspective of the shoe as it moves away from you.
Also make sure the heel is centered in the back of the instep and lower than the instep base line.
Usually the heel of the shoe curves underneath the heel of the foot to center the weight of the foot over the heel.
Watch the curving of the heel seat as it wraps around the heel of the foot.

نمای کنار به جلو در طراحی کفش


Watch that you keep the side view shoe flat to the ground as you would without a foot in it. 
Notice that the heel is set slightly higher than the instep.
Also make sure that you do not shorten the toes on a walking gesture.
A clean angle from the arch to the toes  will keep your shoe structure looking proportional and strong.

I hope this tutorial draw heels easily from various views was useful for you.
Today you learned how to drawing shoes in different views.
Please don’t forget practice, because just practicing fortify your skills
For having more specialized training, you can use educational videos
Please share your comments with me.

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