In previous articles, you learned rendering buffed leather, patent and suede .
Now I teach you woven fabrics rendering in shoe illustration :

This shoe illustration was made for retail store advertising.

Rendering woven fabrics in shoe illustration
Rendering woven fabrics sample


The easiest way to draw a woven fabric is to break it down into a graphic grid and draw it with a repetition of both shadow and reflection.

TIP: To speed up the drawing process, use a repetitive method. Draw all the same sides on each section of a woven pattern, for example, then draw all the next sides on each section.

Initial sketch in woven fabrics rendering

sketch and a grid of the weave pattern
STEP 1- Initial sketch and draw woven pattern

STEP 1– Begin with a smooth edge in colored pencil.
Lay down your base shadow tones with colored pencil.
Add a grid of the weave pattern with a hard graphite pencil.
Outline and color the individual sections with a darker-colored pencil. Darken the shadows on the individual sections.

Shoe illustration and adding marker

Add marker in rendering woven
STEP 2- Apply art marker

STEP 2– Add marker to the back of the marker paper.

Add the highlight

realistic rendering woven fabrics
STEP 3- add highlights

STEP 3- Finish up by using a small amount of Pro White paint for highlights on the highlight side edges of each section and a white colored pencil for softer highlights.

In this article you learned step by step rendering woven fabrics in shoe design .
Now please practice rendering satin for being expert .
For having more info and training in shoe design and illustration, please see educational videos .
So you can learn basics of visual arts in shoe design ، Color basics and Creativity in shoe design .
Please share your comments with me.

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