Different views in shoe design

In the previous article, you were introduced to the basics of shoe design, do’s and don’ts.
Let’s take a closer look at these views in shoe design:

Designing shoes from three-quarter view:

نمای سه رخ در طراحی کفش

Three-quarter view

The most popular position for drawing footwear is three-quarter view.
It has a slight downward stepping angle that allows for both the heel and the toe shape detail to be viewed simultaneously.
It is the most common view used by footwear designers.

Top and side view

چرم ورنی در طراحی کفش

top view in Najmeh Hashemi shoe design

Another popular way of illustrating footwear is to draw a side view along with a top view toe detail.
These views are particularly useful when drawing or designing a unique heel
that needs to be featured while also needing to show the toe shape or some unique top embellishment.
It is also a useful perspective when a shoe design is asymmetrical.
It is not necessary to draw the entire top of the shoe if the novelty is primarily on the toe section.

In this article, you will get acquainted with the most important angles of view.
Now you can start the practical design tutorial: three-quarter view in shoe design

To have a professional education based on university courses, you can prepare and learn the following educational videos:
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