In previous article you learned rendering patent leather and buffed one Now I teach you how to render suede leather in shoe illustration .

Rendering suede leather in shoe illustration
Rendering suede in shoe illustration

Suede is soft, fuzzy, and dull and is one of the easier textures to render. The most important thing is to not overwork it.This suede desert boot was rendered with colored pencils and the local color was added from the back with marker.It was used for a retail sales advertisement.

colorind shadows

sketch and coloring shadow in suede
STEP 1- Draw sketch and Lay in shadow

STEP 1– Draw a soft edge on your object.
Lay in your shadow areas using the side of your pencil for maximum texture.
Darken your shadows and add texture over all open areas.

Apply marker

STEP 2– Apply marker on the back, leaving no areas unfilled.

adding marker in suede render
STEP 2- Apply marker

Add highligh in rendering suede leather

adding details in suede render
STEP 3- Add highligh in rendering suede

STEP 3– Add white or light colored pencil onto highligh areas to create more form,
using the side of your pencil for optimum texture.
Use a color to add interest to the dullness of the suede.

In this article you learned render suede step by step in shoe illustration .
Now please practice rendering satin for being expert .
For having more info and specialized training in shoe design, you can use educational video : Basics of visual arts in shoe design ، Color basics and creativity in shoe design .
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