In this series of articles, we will get acquainted with shoe museums around the world.
Now you are familiar with the International Shoe Museum in France:

French Shoes Museum
French Shoes Museum

The international Shoe Museum invites you on a journey to discover the world of this timeless, universal object: the shoe.
The collection of this museum has displayed in the valuable and magnificent sections of all kinds of shoes, from the oldest to the most modern, from the most classic to the strangest shoes.
The museum is located in the Roman city of Sur-Iser, a city of leather work.
This international museum is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all professionals and producers of yesterday and today.

web site museum
web site museum

Entertainment Museum

Try a lot of different shoes!
Before going to visit historical, modern, classic and exaggerated collections, you can put on and try on many different shoes in this section for fun and entertainment.

Entertainment Museum
Entertainment Museum

Romans and shoes

In the other part, the museum invites you to visit all the tools and equipment related to history and shoe making.
From the past to the present, the Shoe Museum draws its wealth of information from the city in which it is located and is known for its work with leather and shoes.
As a source of inspiration, the museum offers visits and studios to turn your visit into a special moment.

Video from the French Shoe Museum

In the following section, you can watch a short video of this museum broadcast on Tv5monde with subtitles.

Shoes Museum in France

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