Learning shoe illustration is an interesting part of fashion illustration.
In previous articles, you learned: rendering buffed leather, patent leather, rendering suede , woven fabrics, satin, canvas, rendering fur and beading.
Now we learn rendering sequins :

Important Tips in Rendering Sequins :

Rendering sequins in shoe illustration
Rendering sequins sample in shoe illustration

When rendering sequins or any kind of embellishment on footwear, it is important to keep the separation of the bangle from the shoe façade and also to give it a sense of surface when it comes to the sparkle.

DRAWING TIP: When drawing sequins, use a circle guide to assure clean, round, hard edges.

Initial sketch and lay in

Initial design of sequin
STEP 1- Initial design

STEP 1– Begin by drawing your edge line with colored pencil.
This line should represent the shape and size of the sequins.
Lay in your shadow forms, and begin to draw the sequins in color.
Keep the shapes round on the front surfaces and ellipse the sequins that wrap around the edges.
Try to represent three values: dark (the reflective darks ), medium (the sequin’s local color), and light (the reflective lights).

Shoe illustration and adding marker

Adding markers in rendering sequins
STEP 2- Apply art marker

STEP 2– Apply marker to the back of the marker paper.

add the highlight

Adding highlights in rendering sequins
STEP 3- add highlights

STEP 3– Use Pro White paint or gouache for highlights;
grouping the highlights together adds to the effect of the lighting.
Keep a stronger focus of highlight on the high points or light area.
Add a couple of quasars for added expression.
For seeing my design sample of rendering sequins, you can follow my Instagram page: Nhashemi.shoe.designer

In this article, you read rendering sequins method step by step that is very important in shoe illustration.
Now please practice rendering satin for being expert .
For having more specialized learning, you can use educational videos like The Basics of Visual Arts in Shoe Design , The Color Basics and Creativity in Shoe Design.
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