In this web site you can learn shoe design articles, also shoe illustration step by step.
Now we learn drawing platforms in footwear design:

Tips in drawing platforms:

Platforms, like any thick-soled boot, need to be drawn with the toe spring visible.
The purpose of the toe spring is for the shoe to have a rocking motion as the foot steps forward, otherwise there would be a hard, sharp edge to stumble over.

طراحی کفش لژدار نجمه هاشمی

platform design samples

This marker  drawing shows the natural lift in the toe and is typical of a faster designer sketch in a common medium to show a concept idea.
Outlines was drawn over the finish to add some clarity to the details

Initial sketch and cutting shapes

 Begin with a preliminary sketch of your shoe shape on paper or go right to cutting the shape out if you feel confident enough.
Note the toe spring rising up from the ball of the sole.
Keep the laces soft and alive.

Cut your secondary shapes

Draw your secondary shapes: middle tones, highlights, and some darker shadow shapes if necessary.
Plan on three tones to make a solid form.
Focus on the basic shape a color makes and be sensitive to thick , thins, and curves—do not get too generic or your shoe can look clunky and boring.

Adding details

To finish the illustration, add some background elements to give a feeling of depth and to enhance the theme of the design.
As a finishing detail, draw an alligator texture overlay and scan it in Photoshop.
Scan the collage and add the overlay.
This could also be accomplished by using an alligator print or textured paper.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you.
In this article, you learned using cut paper in shoe design.
Please don’t forget practice, because just practicing fortify your skills
Please share your comments with me.

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