In previous article rendering buffed leather  in shoe design and illustration.
Now be familiar with rendering patent leather.

Tips in rendering patent leather:

Patent leather is strong, clean, and reflective. Keep your contrasts extreme.You should use solid black (or whatever the color may be of the leather) to a pure white highlight. Gradations are good to show surface movement, but keep your texture very smooth.

This boot was used for a black and white newspaper advertisement.

Initial Sketch and coloring shadows

shoe design traning
STEP 1- smooth-edge line and lay in shadow patterns

STEP 1– Begin with a smooth-edge line and lay in your shadow patterns
Fill in the reflections with a full range of contrast.
Use a blender pencil to smooth out any excess texture.

add marker

Apply marker in shoe design
STEP 2- Apply marker

STEP 2– Apply marker to the back of the marker paper. Use a 50–80% gray marker, not 100% black.

add the highlight
Add highlights in shoe design and illustration
STEP 3 -Add highlights

STEP 3– Add highlights with white paint to give a look of high-gloss finish to the surface.
Use a white colored pencil for softer white reflections or to soften the hot highlights.

In this article you knew how to render patent leather.
Now please practice rendering satin for being expert .
for having more info and specialized training, please see educational video section.
You can also learn:
-Basics of visual arts in shoe design
-Color basics
-Creativity in shoe design
Please share your comments with me.

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