In previous articles, you knew ten best shoe designer all over world,
In this article, you will read about Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoe designer

Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoe designer
Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoe designer

Brand Features of Nicholas Kirkwood Shoe Designer

Nicholas Kirkwood is on a path that is recognized worldwide as a leading shoe designer among his generation.
In 2005, he decided to build his own brand under his own name.
The brand was defined using innovative methods using unconventional materials and techniques
And with the advancement of art and tradition, it merged with advanced and unexpected technology.
This technical innovation, together with an aesthetic boldness, dynamism, graphic edge and feminine sensibility, became the signatures of Nicholas Kirkwood’s output.
Often experimenting with contrasts and tensions, tradition and tech, nature and artifice, fluid femininity and harder-edged masculinity,
Designer shoes amazingly display a new kind of beauty in shoes.
In addition to placing pearls on the heel or sole of the shoe, it has also become a part of Kirkwood’s special style.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoe design
Nicholas Kirkwood shoe design

The Basics of Kirkwood Art

Many of his artistic foundations were laid by attending St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London and Cordwainers College.
In this way, he learned the “thrill of movement” and the principles he later applied in his collaborations with other designers and organizations.
After gaining the attention of the likes of Isabella Blow Cecilia Dean and Daphne Guinness, Nicholas began to flourish as a brand.
Collaboration with its leading counterparts in London also propelled this wonderful brand.

shoe design
Nicholas Kirkwood shoe design

Expand the brand and win different awards

Over the past decade, Kirkwood designs Kirkwood’s designs have gone from cult appeal to entering a wider consciousness and proving instantly recognisable.
In May 2011 Kirkwood opened his flagship store on Mount Street, in London’s Mayfair area, the first of his generation of designers to do so.
The brand has won numerous awards, including British Fashion Award for Best Accessory Designer of the year three times and in 2013 being the first accessories designer to be awarded the British Fashion Council / Vogue Designer Fashion Fund since its inception.
In September 2013, Nicholas Kirkwood announced his partnership with LVMH: the biggest luxury goods conglomerate in the world.
A remarkable move, investment and focus on a long-term collaboration with the young accessory designer and his brand

Nicholas Kirkwood shoe design
Nicholas Kirkwood, the shoe designer

Special collections of Kirkwood

In 2015, Nicholas Kirkwood launched a special collection called “Kirkwood 10”.
He looks at this personal and fantasy series with childish excitement such as games, toys and movies of the late 1980s.
From Pac-Man to Star Wars and computer games, they inspire Kirkwood.
He also brought together the two ideas of celebration and collapse in another collection called “Building Shoes.”
In this way, he tried to present the ideology of his revolutionary styles from the future.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoe design
shoes from kirkwood collection 10

In this article, you will meet one of the world famous shoe designers Nicholas Kirkwood.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article.
If you like footwear design, you can use educational videos for starting shoe design and shoe illustration learning.
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