In my web site you can find footwear design tutorials step by step.
Now we learn drawing athletic footwear:

Important tips in drawing athletic footwear:

When drawing athletic footwear or specifically soft-soled shoes, it is necessary to draw the soles with a soft toe spring.
If you force the toe flat to the ground it will make the shoe seem too hard and will not visually fit the “comfort” aspect of a sports shoe.
The high-top below was drawn in a looser style to communicate a younger, more editorial, style.

طراحی کفش ورزشی

طراحی کفش ورزشی

Initial sketch

 Begin with a light preliminary sketch using a hard (2H–4H) graphite pencil.
A three-quarter view makes it easy to show the softer toe curve.
Then cover the areas you want to leave white with a liquid frisket or masking fluid.
This makes it easy to be expressive with your paint without having to worry about bleeding or slipping over lines with your brush.

Using concentrated watercolors

Using concentrated watercolors for a brighter, more tie-dyed, look, begin to paint your shoe.
Use a lot of water on the painted areas, allowing the color to bleed without too much control.
Add the background tone to separate the white laces from the background.
When the paint is dry, remove the frisket by peeling or rubbing it using a soft eraser.

Adding details

draw around some of the edges using black India ink and a sharpened popsicle stick.
This adds definition and detail without tightening up the drawing.
Add the type with a fine-line pen for product identification.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you.
In this article, you learned how to draw athletic footwear with watercolor in shoe design tutorial.
Please don’t forget practice, because just practicing fortify your skills
Please share your comments with me.


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