You learned rendering buffed leather ، patent leather، leather suede ، rendering woven fabrics and satin in previous articles.
Now I teach you how to render canvas or tweed in shoe illustration:

Tips in rendering canvas:

Canvas or tweed textures are found in both dress and casual shoes.
The simpler or tighter the weave, the less texture you should show.

Shoe illustration and rendering canvas or tweed
Shoe illustration and rendering canvas or tweed

This shoe was drawn in graphite. It was then tinted in Photoshop using transparent overlays.

Initial sketch and coloring

lay in sketch and shadows in rendering canvas
STEP 1- lay in initial sketch

STEP 1– Begin with a smooth edge in colored pencil.
Roughly lay in your shadows.
Using a sharp colored pencil, add cross-hatching lines following the grain of the fabric.
Do this in the lighter areas only and fade it into the shadows to avoid over-rendering. Avoid fat lines.
Add some nubs by tapping the pencil down around the surface.

Shoe illustration and adding marker

Add marker in rendering canvas
STEP 2- Apply art marker

STEP 2– Apply marker color on the back of the paper if applicable.

add the highlight

add highlight in canvas
STEP 3- Add highlight

STEP 3– Finish by adding highlights with Pro White paint and a small brush.
Keep the strokes thin and in the same direction as the drawn lines.

In this article you learned how to render canvas or tweed in shoe design and shoe illustration.
Now please practice rendering satin for being expert .
For see the example of rendering these materials in shoe illustration, you can follow my Instagram page @ Nhashemi.shoe.designer .
For having more info and training in shoe design and illustration, please see educational videos.
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