In previous articles, you knew ten best shoe designer all over world,
in this article, you know Alexander Birman shoe designer

Alexander Birman shoe designer
Alexander Birman shoe designer

Alexander Birman shoe designer

Brazilian shoe designer Alexandre Birman is a strong global driving force among shoe designers.
As the heir and CEO of Arezzo, Birman owns one of the largest shoe empires.
His product line is known worldwide.
Because it uses exotic skins and leathers in vibrant colors and prints.

Alexander Birman shoe designer
Alexander Birman shoe designer

Launching the Alexander Berman brand

Birman was born into a family of shoemakers:
His father, Anderson Birman, was the chairman of Arezzo, which founded the Arezzo shoe brand in 1972.
However, in 1995, at the age of 19, the young Berman decided to start his own brand.
The designer started his career with a $ 3 million investment from his father.
But very quickly this investment became commercially successful and self-sufficient.
By 2007, he was earning $ 64 million a year.
It was then that his father invited him to join Arezzo & Co.
Four years later, senior B. Berman handed over the leadership of the group to his son.
The company has the advantage of having its own factories located outside the southern city of Porto Alegre.

Sample design of Alexander Berman shoes
Sample design of Alexander Berman shoes

The dramatic growth of the Berman brand

Today Arezzo & Co. It dominates the Brazilian domestic market and sells more than 11 million pairs of shoes annually.
Although approximately 90% of the company’s operations are based in Brazil, Birmin is gaining international market share.
With 80 stores in Brazil, his brand has significant growth potential.
Birman also has two independent boutiques in the United States:
One on Madison Street in New York and the other on Beverly Hills Drive in Los Angeles, which opened in 2016.

Alexander Birman shoe designer

Alexander Birman shoes

Birman designs have long been popular with celebrities and public figures.
From Bella Hadid to Kate Middleton.
The shoe design for Gisele Bundchen wore to the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics.
In January 2019, the designer rose beyond the heel to produce the first pair of sneakers.
The shoe was worn by Sandra Oh at the Golden Globes after the party.

Alexander Birman shoes
Alexander Birman shoes

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